You know that your commercial or industrial welding projects demand time, safety, and accuracy. And much of your effort begins with strong, durable stud welded fasteners. To achieve the best balance of productivity and efficiency, trust Northland Fastening Systems for your automated stud welding equipment.

Reliable Automation for Your Next Job

At Northland Fastening Systems, we understand your need for dependable automated stud welding equipment. We offer a range of user-friendly models that cut down on the time you spend planning and building. Whether you need CD, CNC, or ARC stud welding, our machines boast features like multilingualism, 60 GB memory capacity, and simple programming.

Your work zone might be affected by dangerous conditions or inclement weather. For this reason, we supply automated stud welding equipment that can withstand such hazards. When you choose our equipment, you make an investment for your company that will last for years.

Expertise You Can Trust

For over 30 years, the technicians at Northland Fastening Systems have helped the construction and engineering industries meet their ever-growing challenges. We prioritize our customers’ most pressing needs with a large inventory of production stud welding technology and competitive pricing.

Take advantage of our services today—call a technician at 651-730-7770 or fill out our online form for a free quote.

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