Create Electrical Cabinets With Ease

When you’re building electrical enclosures, you need reliable welding to keep the cabinets and computers safe and secure. Stud welding is one of the fastest, most reliable forms of welding in the industry, and it’s a great choice for creating electrical cabinets.

At Northland Fastening Systems, we’re experts in stud welding across a variety of industries. Whether you need equipment to create your own electrical enclosures or you need custom enclosures created for your server room, here’s what you need to know about how stud welding can help.

What Makes Stud Welding Unique?

To put it simply, stud welding is fast. Where other types of welding take multiple steps to create a secure weld, stud welding takes one step. Rather than directing an electrical current at two separate pieces of metal, as is done in resistance welding, stud welding creates an electrical arc between the base metal and the stud. Flanged mild steel and stainless steel CD studs, for example, are even coated in copper to better conduct electricity, increasing welding speed and effectiveness.

Stud welding is an efficient way to create cabinets such as electrical enclosures because stud welding can be done from one side. Other types of welding require access to both sides of the material, but stud welding can be done from only one side without losing strength. This gives enclosures and cabinets a clean, polished look from the outside, with all the hardware and weld marks secure inside.

Even if you need to store your server cabinets out in the open instead of in a dark server room, you don’t need to worry about unattractive, industrial cabinets. Because the welds are hidden inside, your electrical enclosures will have a seamless appearance.

Stud welding is a great choice for electrical enclosures for another reason, too. Where other welds only hold the edges of a fastener in place, stud welds hold the entire face of the fastener. This is one of the reasons why we use stud welding to create secure, even seismic cabinets and enclosures.

Why Should You Choose Northland Fastening Systems?

Northland Fastening Systems has provided expert welding services in Minnesota since 1987, and we strive to continually stay a step ahead of our competitors. With top-of-the-line equipment and professional expertise, we can provide the welding services and equipment you’re looking for, including both flanged mild steel and stainless steel CD studs.

If you’re in a hurry, we can rush orders that other companies won’t, helping you to get your work done as quickly as possible.

When you need electrical enclosures for your server room or home office, call Northland Fastening Systems at 651-730-7770. To learn more about our work, read testimonials from satisfied customers.