Read Testimonials of Our Welding Gear in Woodbury, MN

Thanks for talking to me this morning. You helped a lot with my understanding of how to work with AGCO and Lincoln hanging systems for them.

As promised, here is the web link for Northland Fastening Systems. Lorenz has used their equipment and services for over 10 years and has recommended them to numerous others who have purchased from them as well. The results have been excellent.

Larry Wilson is one of the owners and a good guy to deal with if you would like to give him a call.


I just wanted to let you know that we just completed a good sized embed job with our new HBS IT-3002 inverter. We welded 1,672 3/4 X 8-3/16″ shear connectors to 7/8″ X 14″ square plates without one failure. The system performed flawlessly on plates with relatively heavy mill scale. Great machine and worth every penny!

Thanks, Dave


We have been extremely pleased with the IT – 3002 stud welding machine. The consistency and quality of the thru deck welding has been very impressive. That coupled with the very low failure rate has made this machine a favorite over our other stud machines. One of the biggest advantages of the IT – 3002 and the main reason that we bought this machine is that it runs on 480 / 100 amps. This means that most jobs can provide us power to run this machine. If no power is available, the unit can run on a smaller generator (100KW), thus saving us on fuel. The weight and size of the IT 3002 makes this unit very portable in getting this unit to the jobsite and it is easily moved around once it is on the job site.

Thanks so much for your ongoing help!

Jim Heidelberger (Sowles Company)


Thank you for allowing us to use your HBS IT 3002 to shoot on 1 X 8 shear connectors. We shot over 200 pieces to 3/4″ thick plate (A36 steel). The system we currently use does have the capability to shoot 1″ shear connectors. You saved us a lot of time. The IT 3002 stud welder worked perfect on every shot.

Thanks again,

Wayne Simonson (Anderson Iron)