What Do Nelson® Studs, Jet Skis, and Chapstick Have in Common?


Nelson® Studs manufactures and supplies headed anchor and shear connector studs. What could they possibly have in common with jet skis and chapstick?


Consider this: when one of our customers calls us and needs headed anchors or shear connectors, they often simply ask for Nelson® studs. It seems that Nelson® studs have become synonymous with those studs in the industry.


This process where a brand name becomes synonymous with the product isn’t that uncommon. It’s called a “generic trademark” and you might be surprised by the wide range of products that are actually brand names, including jet skis and chapstick. (Or, rather, Jet Skis and Chapstick.)


While it could sound like a great thing for your product to be so widely known, some companies resist this process. For example, Google very actively attempts to prevent the use of the word “to google” to mean “search on the internet.” They do so to maintain ownership of the Google trademark.


Other generic trademark examples include Kleenex, Band-Aid, Popsicle, Q-Tips—even Seeing Eye Dog! That’s how we get from Nelson® Studs to Jet Skis and Chapstick. Because of their long history in the industry, Nelson® Studs have become synonymous with headed anchor and shear connector studs.


But just like there are multiple manufacturers of “personal watercraft” (i.e., Jet Skis) and many makers of “lip balm” (i.e., Chapstick), there are many quality manufacturers and brands of headed anchor and shear connector studs.


Northland Fastening Systems offers a wide stock of headed anchors, shear connectors, and many other studs for projects big and small. Our studs get the job done right, just like Nelson® studs. Custom lengths are available, and customers can take advantage of additional services like professional repairs, equipment rentals, and expert advice for the application of stud welding in your project.


So when you need headed anchors or shear connectors, don’t leap to the global brand first. Get in touch with Northland Fastening Systems!

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Uses and Benefits of Automated Stud Welding Equipment

Stud welding is a relatively new manufacturing operation in comparison with other welding formats that have been used as far back as the Bronze Age. Since its beginnings in the Industrial Revolution and its rise in popularity for shipbuilding in WWII, stud welding has rapidly advanced technologically. Today, stud welding is used for a broad range of manufacturing applications, from large-scale structural construction to complex, food-grade equipment. Because of its widespread use, there are many applications where stud welding operations can be automated for results that are higher quality, more precise, and faster. With the help of Northland Fastening Systems expert technicians, you can integrate automation into your operations with our selection of state-of-the-art automated welding equipment and comprehensive welding studs.


Automation in the stud welding industry is one of the most recent developments that facilities can apply on their operations floor or in the field. Various formats of automated stud welding were developed to improve production in many ways with the benefits it provides.



Automated stud welding provides many benefits to fabricators. Broadly speaking, this includes:

  • Efficiency
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Cost Reduction

If your volume of production has recently increased, integrating automation into your facilities is an investment that will pay itself off quickly as it saves your welders the time, energy, and cost of keeping up with your production demands. Manufacturers using stud welding for a range of applications can almost always benefit from the implementation of automated welding equipment.


How It Works

Automation can be used in a factory setting or as a portable device with both automatic hand-held welding guns and CNC welding heads. The stud is inserted into the gun manually or with an automatic feeder, and the welding surface is processed on an automatic production line. For large-scale rapid welding, robotic welding systems are the most effective with computer-controlled precision and a fully automated production line.

Systems like our MPW 10102010 are highly effective when it comes to speeding up the production process and increasing volume. This system can perform up to 40 welds per minute using short cycle drawn arc welding with up to three welding heads operating simultaneously. It can also perform simple milling tasks for finishing assemblies or machining components.

For a more portable automated application, our handheld PAH-1 welding gun is a highly effective stud welding tool. Using CD, short cycle drawn arc, contact, or gap welding, this gun is a lightweight automation option for welding a variety of materials. This gun is especially effective in welding sheeting as thin as 0.5 mm.


Explore our comprehensive collection of automation products and other stud welding equipment options, or shop from our wide range of welding studs online. To learn more about automation in the welding industry or to get started with NFS for all your welding equipment and studs today, contact us at (651) 730-7770 or request a quote online.

Installing Insulation Sheeting Using Welding Studs

The use of various forms of insulation is extremely prevalent across industries. Not only is insulation used to control temperatures inside buildings and protect pipes from freezing in cold winter months, it’s also used extensively in many other applications. This includes everything from thermal power stations to electrical systems, mechanical systems, climate-controlled warehousing, fireproofing, automobiles, planes, spacecraft, protection against corrosion, and more.


Because the most effective installation method for the majority of insulations is stud welding, insulation and construction are key industries Northland Fastening System serves. We provide all the welding studs, welding units, stud welding guns, and accessories you need to complete your project.


Using CD stud welding processes to install insulation is the most effective method of attachment. The process of stud welding creates a connection point with no reverse side marking and stronger than the stud and base material itself. It also streamlines and speeds up the installation process, providing a rapid, short cycle install of insulation or fireproof sheeting.


How it works: Insulation sheeting can be installed with CD stud welding using pins that can be inserted through the insulating material and welded to the base material in a short cycle process. The tip of the pin is welded to the base material while cupped or flat heads hold down the insulation material. This welding process is a one-step system that allows quick and effective insulation sheeting attachment to base metal materials.


Applications: CD welding installation of insulation sheeting can be applied in any situation where the base material is a weldable metal such as steel, aluminum, or brass. This includes insulation for HVAC ducts, pipes, buildings, incinerators, equipment exposed to fire, plane cabins, spacecrafts, water towers, warehouses, and much more. Steel structures can be insulated against corrosion and temperatures up to 1,250º C (2,282º F) using stud welding in the installation process.


Benefits: In all applications of stud welding, there are many operational benefits. The process improves efficiency and cuts costs because it can be performed quickly with low energy use. Studs also create clean, strong bonds with conservative use of materials and long-term effectiveness. Installing insulation with stud welding streamlines the process, forms a lasting bond, and is visually clean and professional.


Get Welding Studs and Other Equipment for Your Next Project

If you need to install insulation or fire-resistant sheeting, stud welding is the way to go. To learn more about applications of stud welding or to get started on your project with the best welding studs, tools, and accessories, contact Northland Fastening Systems today at (651) 730-7770 or request a quote online.