Fabricating Clean Electrical Enclosures with Quality Stud Welding

Northland Fastening Systems (NFS) utilizes the capabilities and benefits of stud welding operations for a wide range of manufacturing purposes. We also provide stud welding services for a variety of industries, offer stud welding tools for rent and sale, and sell a comprehensive assortment of studs and accessories.

Because of the versatility stud welding offers in so many fabrication processes, it’s a valuable option for many projects, big or small. With our variety of products, tools, and stud welding services, NFS is a fully outfitted provider for all stud welding manufacturing requirements in the U.S. and worldwide. If you’re looking to get started on your stud welding and need direct access to all you need at one friendly location, look no further than NFS.

The range of different applications that stud welding is suited to casts a wide net over industrial and small-scale manufacturing. When it comes to fabricating components for electronics, stud welding is a primary source for manufacturing durable, specialized electrical enclosures.


What are Electrical Enclosures?

Electrical systems are powerful tools for many purposes, from directing and storing current to computing the trajectory of a space shuttle. Despite their powerful capabilities, electronics themselves are often fragile systems with little defense against liquids, extreme temperatures, lights, and many other stresses. Because of their vulnerability overall, electrical enclosures are critical components in the majority of systems.

Electrical enclosures are essentially cabinet units that protect and store electrical systems. They can range from simple box units made from aluminum to ruggedized, highly durable enclosures built with weather-resistant alloys. Enclosures can be standardized to a specific range of electrical setups or they can be specialized to a fit a uniquely designed electrical unit.

For all types of electrical enclosures fitting all types of electrical systems, stud welding is an extremely useful method of construction for several reasons:


  1. Stud welding creates a clean weld without a mark on the surface opposite to the weld
  2. Using high-quality studs and welding tools creates a strong weld connection
  3. Certain stud types can be fabricated for controlled conduction of electricity
  4. Welds can be created on the interior of an electrical enclosure for a clean, mark-free exterior
  5. Stud weld connections bind greater areas of a surface than other types of welding
  6. Enclosures made with stud welding can be fabricated with a wide range of materials
  7. Stud welding offers a rapid build process without sacrificing quality


For any size or shape of electrical enclosure, stud welding is a great choice for a clean, seamless, finished look. To learn more about the capabilities of stud welding beyond manufacturing high-quality electrical enclosures, contact Northland Fastening Systems at (651) 730-7770 or request a quote online.

Breaking Down the Process of Quality CD Stud Welding

Northland Fastening Systems provides high-quality stud welding services, stud welding tools for sale and rent, and every stud welding accessory you need to get the job done. From food-grade welding to structure-strength sheet metal welding using both drawn arc and capacitor discharge (CD) welding, NFS has the right equipment for the job.


Because stud welding is such an efficient, effective, and powerful tool in a wide range of industries, it’s one of the most critical operations in many fabrication projects. Both drawn arc stud welding and CD stud welding have a foundational use in different types of welding projects, but more and more technicians are utilizing state-of-the-art CD welding units for rapid welding purposes.


CD stud welding is, for all intents and purposes, a form of arc welding. In comparison to drawn arc stud welding, however, it’s much faster, performing a pre-calibrated weld in milliseconds that leaves little-to-no mark on the opposite side of the weld surface.


CD Stud Welding Step by Step

With the right tools, performing CD stud welding is a straightforward process for welders of all skill levels. Most CD welding units offer pre-programmed settings for a weld cycle, or simplistic ways of calibrating a preset voltage depending on the stud materials and size as well as the material of the weld surface. The process goes as follows:


  1. The stud welding unit is calibrated to suit the situation.
  2. A stud is loaded onto the gun tip.
  3. The stud welding gun is positioned at the desired weld point.
  4. The welding operation is triggered, sending energy stored in the capacitors to be discharged onto the stud in a semi-automatic arc.
  5. The heat of this energy essentially vaporizes the tip of the stud and creates an ionization path.
  6. The path opens up a full flow of current arcing across the stud and melting the metal of the stud tip.
  7. Pressure from the welder then forces the molten tip of the stud onto the weld surface.
  8. This pressure and the cooling metal forms a strong bond between the stud and the weld surface.


CD stud welding doesn’t use a ferrule like its cousin, drawn arc stud welding. This means the weld is performed much more quickly, but the nature of the weld limits the size of the stud. CD welding is suited to stud diameters from 14 gauge up to 3/8”, there are no limitations on stud length. Materials that can be welded using CD stud units include stainless steel, mild steel, brass, and aluminum. Although CD stud welding is not the best choice for heavy-duty purposes, it has a prevalent use in smaller scale, rapid, efficient production. Its weld connection is stronger than the stud material itself, and it can be more easily automated than other types of welding.


To learn more about CD stud welding  and the services or products we provide that are fitted to that operation or others, contact Northland Fastening Systems at (651) 730-7770 or request a quote today.

Stud Welder Profile: The HBS CDi502

No matter what stud welding project you’re working on, there’s a welder and the accessories that will fit your needs, and all those tools can be found at Northland Fastening Systems. NFS provides stud welding services, tools for rent and sale, and every type of stud, pin, bar anchor, and accessory you could ask for. We are your one-stop-shop for all things stud welding, and we only stock the most highly-rated welding tools and the best-made stud accessories.

If you’re in need of a stud welder for faster, more efficient, higher quality, and cost-effective production, NFS is here to help. With a variety of HBS and TRUWELD brand stud welders for sale, you’re sure to find a welder that meets the specifications you need. For beginner stud welders, we can work with you to find a few options that will be good fits. For example, the HBS CDi502 stud welder is an easy-to-use, quality unit for entry level CD stud welding.

The CDi502 is one of the best welders for those with minimal expertise in the application of CD stud welding on any given project. Its pre-programmed settings make it perfect for beginners, but it’s also a great option for welders of all skill levels.



  1. Lightweight and portable
  2. Easy to use
  3. Quick recharges thanks to its inverter capacitor charging technology
  4. Extended performance cycle
  5. Compact casing sized at 10.12” x 6.42” x 14.29”
  6. Spring force welding gun that does not requires adjustments
  7. Suitable for a range of materials



  1. Welds aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel
  2. Performs rapid 1 to 3 millisecond capacitor discharge welds
  3. 100v to 240v
  4. Single phase
  5. 50/60 Hz
  6. 500ws
  7. Welds steel at #4 to ¼”
  8. Welds aluminum at #4 to #8
  9. Weighs 21.83 lbs.
  10. Temperature-controlled fan
  11. Welds 10 studs per minute
  12. Outputs 100,000 μF capacitance
  13. Recharges at 50v to100v


The German-made HBS CDi502 is a versatile, compact, and easy-to-use stud welder perfect for movement between job sites. If you think this welding unit is right for your projects, we can give you the guidance and direct information you need to get started with it today. Simply request a quote online, or contact us at (651) 730-7770 to learn more.


If you’re looking for a drawn arc welding unit or another type of CD welder, NFS has tool options meeting a wide range of specifications. Find out more about the stud welder you need through our online store, or by contacting us directly.