Properties and Benefits of Low Carbon Steel for Stud Welding with Deformed Bar Anchors

Carbon steels have a wide range of uses from paneling and large equipment fabrication to precision cutting tools. The extent of carbon steel uses is largely due to the widely varying carbon content that can exist in a steel type. From carbon contents as low as 0.12% to as high as 2.1%, carbon steel offers a broad difference in properties that is even further widened with additions of small amounts of other metals such as copper, manganese, chromium, titanium, nickel, and many others. At Northland Fastening Systems, we utilize low carbon steel in the form of deformed bar anchors that are key in a number of stud welding projects.

Northland Fastening Systems provides comprehensive stud welding services, including drawn arc stud welding and capacitor discharge stud welding; we also offer equipment rentals and stud welding products. While we stock standard and specialty studs for both drawn arc and CD welding operations, we also supply deformed bar anchors of varying stud sizes.

Deformed bar anchor studs are critical components in drawn arc weld projects where concrete support is needed at the weld connection point. Deformed bar anchors are made from low carbon steels to significantly increase the material resistance to shear tension forces on a load-bearing part.

Low Carbon Steel

For a steel body to be considered low carbon, it must have a minimum of 0.05% and a maximum of 0.30% carbon content. Low carbon steel is best suited for bolstering concrete components and load-bearing parts because of its high strength and low cost. In stud welding projects, low carbon deformed bar anchors are highly effective in strengthening the load and bearing plate resistance to shear tension, both shock forces and constant pressures.

Low carbon steel is also more workable and ductile than higher carbon steels, making it more pliant against stresses. This means it can readily flex with shear tensions without becoming brittle or cracking. Additionally, low carbon steel can be cold-formed into deformed bar anchors of various sizes; the surface can be heat treated to alter its hardness and cosmetic factors, and low carbon steel can still maintain quality even with trace metal impurities.

Because low carbon steel is cost-effective, strong, and easily manipulated, it’s the perfect material to form bar anchors with high-functioning bolstering capabilities at a range of different diameters. Northland Fastening Systems supplies deformed bar anchors at 3/8” to ¾” with lengths ranging from 8 ½” to 60 ½” to meet the requirements of virtually any stud welding, load-bearing project.

For cost-effective, low carbon deformed bar anchors and many other options for drawn arc stud welding and CD stud welding, Northland Fastening Systems is your one-stop-shop for supplies and services. Contact us at (651) 730-7770 to learn more about our options for stud welding supplies and services, including variants of deformed bar anchors, or request a free quote online and get started with us today.