Food Grade Welding

Create Quality with Non-Flanged Stainless-Steel CD Studs

Workers in the food service industry use many different types of machinery every day. From slicing vegetables to mixing dough, workers rely on the efficiency of their food service equipment to keep their company on top of its game in today’s competitive market.

While there are many different methods for constructing machinery for the food service industry, when it comes to how the different pieces of food service equipment are welded together, stud welding is the go-to method for reliability and cost-effectiveness.

What Are the Benefits of Stud Welding?

Consider the following benefits of stud-welded machinery for the food service industry.

Long-Lasting Products

Stud welding is an effective way to join two pieces of metal together. The bond that this method of welding creates between materials often lasts longer than the materials themselves. While nothing lasts forever, you can find comfort in the fact that a poor welding job won’t cause your machinery to fall apart when you least expect it. Your customers will be satisfied with the finished result.

If you need equipment constructed for your own food service company, this quality of stud welding means that you’ll pay less in the way of maintenance for your equipment, and you won’t have to put your orders on hold while you wait for repairs to be performed.

Whether you’re constructing food service machinery for a customer or having it constructed for your own business, stud welding will provide you with a quality product that will last for years to come.

Fast, Easy Process

While other types of welding can take a long time, slowing down your company’s productivity, stud welding jobs can be completed quickly, saving time and money.

For those in the metal construction industry, this means that you’ll be able to churn out orders in record time. And for those in the food service industry, the speed at which your projects can be completed means that you’ll end up paying less per order.

Quick welding doesn’t mean you lose quality. Using studs such as non-flanged stainless steel CD studs still give you a quick, strong hold that doesn’t leave any discoloration or marking on the reverse side. This leaves you wit a weld that’s not only fast and easy, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Save time and money by choosing stud welding for the construction of your food service equipment.

Why Choose Northland Fastening Systems?

At Northland Fastening Systems, we offer both stud welding services, stud welding rentals, and products such as non-flanged stainless steel CD studs. Whether you need work done on your machinery or need equipment to construct or repair machinery yourself, we can help. If you have any additional questions about the many benefits of stud welding, feel free to give us a call at 651-730-7770.