When you work in steel fabrication or construction, you understand that the strength of your weld is critical to the stability and function of your application—whether it be a multi-story building or a specialized enclosure.

Strength and reliability are two reasons you choose stud welding accessories from Northland Fastening Systems, an industry leader for all your stud welding needs.

Why Northland?

It doesn’t matter if you use a manual or automatic stud feeder; you want your stud welding accessories to match the task at hand. For example, if your project demands a specific type of welding chuck, come to us first. We offer chucks to support any project’s weight and size.

At Northland, we’re known for our beyond-the-norm customer service. Need collets or grips as soon as possible? No problem. We rush orders directly to you. Not many other companies do the same.

What to Expect

No matter your engineering problem, you’ll find an expert solution at Northland Fastening Systems. If you’ve considered traditional welding but need to cut labor costs, call us instead. We also offer fast repairs and competitive pricing on all products.

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