Construction Welding Requires Certain Materials When Welding on a Large Scale

Construction welding isn’t always pretty. In fact, in many cases, it’s best to put aesthetics aside and focus instead on the integrity and strength of each junction and fastening instead. But with the correct tools, even large-scale welding can look clean and stay strong. Northland Fastening Systems (NFS) offers fastening solutions for builds of all sizes, and has the powerful tools you need to make your construction welding project a success on all fronts.

Construction Welding

Construction welding is a complex project type because of the need for balance between short deadlines and strong welds. When safety and stability are a matter of life and death, you can’t cut corners—even on large-scale welding projects. In order to meld the best of both worlds, high-quality construction welding materials are paramount.

Construction Welding for Foundations and Frameworks

As the foundation and framework of the build is put into place, the first welds are just as important as the final welds. Equipment has to be in good condition throughout, and any and all welding accessories must be consistent in quality, size, and shape. In order to ensure that all of these are true simultaneously, it’s important to partner with a fastening team that takes every step of the welding process seriously.

Large-Scale Welding

NFS provides large-scale welding supplies, support, and state-of-the-art technology for your welding projects. This includes everything from ARC and capacitor (CD) welding machines, Automated tools, stud welding guns, and more. If your build requires specialized tools in order to guarantee that the final product will be safe, our team can work with you to find the materials you need.


Regardless of whether your construction welding project is for a commercial building or a military facility, we can help. Steel beams, support walls, columns, and anything else you’re welding together is best supported with customized and high-performance tools. Large-scale construction can be taxing, but with the right tools, your team can make it to the end and with a final product that your clients can rely on.

NFS is available for large-scale welding consultations or construction welding equipment rentals year-round. Project managers and professional welders can reach out at (651) 730-7770 or visit our website.



Installing Climate Control Technology and Other Uses of Construction Welding

Stud welding is used in many aspects of the building construction processes, from structural steel fabrication and sheet metal building to the installation of insulators, HVAC systems, and other types of climate control technology. If you live in a home built later than the 1950s, it’s likely that stud welding was used in some portion of its construction. Not only is stud welding used in installing insulation, fire protection, ducting, and other climate control building materials; it’s also used to integrate sound proofing in many areas of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. If you’re building with stud welding operations, Northland Fastening Systems has the tools and supplies you need to get the job done correctly and economically. We provide a complete range of drawn arc and CD (capacitor discharge) studs, tools for rent or purchase, welding accessories, and the advice of our expert technicians. NFS also provides quick, long-lasting repairs and services for customers working with all kinds of construction welding for stud installation.

Construction Welding

Though drawn arc stud welding and most CD construction welding operations use studs with diameters wider than 4-40 (0.112 base diameter), some CD welding applications are used to install thin pins through insulative materials. This CD pin installation technology allows technicians to quickly attach insulation in multiple construction scenarios with strong connection points.

CD Pins

Some forms of insulation that are installed with CD pins include:

  • Building insulation sheets that cover the interior of walls, flooring, and roofs to keep indoor temperatures at comfortable levels without excessive energy expenditure
  • Heat and cold insulation protectors around heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ducting
  • Insulating containers around air conditioning units
  • Industrial heat exchangers used in many manufacturing industries
  • Cooling systems for factories
  • Climate-controlled storage warehouses and refrigerated or frozen shipping containers
  • Coolrooms in industrial settings, storage, or transportation providers
  • Fireproofing for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, including spark-proofing in electrical enclosures, heat-proof plating in machinery, and more
  • Heavy-duty heat proofing and fire protection in power plants, incinerators and industrial furnaces, forges, refineries, and industrial buildings processing chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Cabin, sound, fire, and HVAC insulation on freighters, military vessels, cruise ships, and other large ships

Sound Proofing

Sound proofing insulators are also installed with larger CD and drawn arc studs. Sound proofing is important in the entertainment industry for recording studios, live venues, and movie theaters. It’s also utilized in municipal construction for roads, bridges, building facades, plumbing, and major ductwork to control noise pollution.

Welding Studs

Whether you’re using CD pins, other CD studs, or drawn arc welding studs for construction welding, Northland Fastening Systems has the supplies you need. To learn more about our selection of stud welding tools, studs, and accessories, contact us at (651) 730-7770, or request a quote online to get started with us today.

Application of Shear Connectors in Thru-Deck Stud Welding

Stud welding is a versatile process with many industrial applications. While stud welding is often primarily used in exterior or visible interior installations, it is also a key operation for large-scale construction. Shear connectors and other anchor bar systems provide necessary strengthening of a structure and critical support against stresses. If you are fabricating a system with metal decking or other weld-thru metal structures, Northland Fastening Systems (NFS) can provide the shear connectors, anchor bars, welding tools, and any other studs or accessories you need to get the job done. When it comes to thru-deck stud welding operations, NFS offers the technical support and tools needed.


Composite construction applications like thru-deck welding requires careful consideration of each material used in the process and understanding of the process itself. When it comes to the composite building of structural beams, galvanized decking, and concrete, shear connectors welding studs are key for long-term structural integrity.


The included image shows a three-dimensional cross section of a weld-thru decking application. The shear connecter studs welded directly through the galvanized decking material fasten it to steel I-beams. A rebar webbing is overlaid for support and flexibility of the final layer of concrete finishing the composite system. As a complete decking system, this composite structure can be utilized in a range of applications, but is primarily used in the construction of multilevel buildings with steel beam skeletons.


The use of shear connector welding studs is critical in this type of composite construction system. If you are working with thru-deck weld construction processes, NFS can provide comprehensive shear connectors in varying dimensions, including stud diameter and length.


For general-purpose thru-deck composite welding, our shear connector studs have a minimum tensile strength of 61,000 psi (420 MPa) and a minimum yield strength of 49,000 psi (340 MPa). For shear connectors that will be used in composite beam construction like the processes used in multilevel buildings, our specialized studs have a minimum tensile strength of 65,000 psi (450 MPa) and a minimum yield strength of 51,000 psi (350 MPa). NFS also offers custom lengths for both types of shear connectors with any of our available diameter.


Not only do the connector studs fasten galvanized decking to structural beams, they are also key in shear load bearing. The minimum tensile and yield strength of each stud works together to support entire buildings upward of 100 stories. The system of a composite beam construction increases the flex range and support strength of the building as a whole, which allows it to react to movements of the earth plates, the wind, and other natural elements; weight inside the building; and changes in molecular size with temperature shifts. In every composite structure, shear connectors are key components.


To learn more about weld-thru decking and the use of stud welding in composite construction, contact NFS at (651) 730-7770 today, or request a quote online to get started with us today.



Fabricating Clean Electrical Enclosures with Quality Stud Welding

Northland Fastening Systems (NFS) utilizes the capabilities and benefits of stud welding operations for a wide range of manufacturing purposes. We also provide stud welding services for a variety of industries, offer stud welding tools for rent and sale, and sell a comprehensive assortment of studs and accessories.

Because of the versatility stud welding offers in so many fabrication processes, it’s a valuable option for many projects, big or small. With our variety of products, tools, and stud welding services, NFS is a fully outfitted provider for all stud welding manufacturing requirements in the U.S. and worldwide. If you’re looking to get started on your stud welding and need direct access to all you need at one friendly location, look no further than NFS.

The range of different applications that stud welding is suited to casts a wide net over industrial and small-scale manufacturing. When it comes to fabricating components for electronics, stud welding is a primary source for manufacturing durable, specialized electrical enclosures.


What are Electrical Enclosures?

Electrical systems are powerful tools for many purposes, from directing and storing current to computing the trajectory of a space shuttle. Despite their powerful capabilities, electronics themselves are often fragile systems with little defense against liquids, extreme temperatures, lights, and many other stresses. Because of their vulnerability overall, electrical enclosures are critical components in the majority of systems.

Electrical enclosures are essentially cabinet units that protect and store electrical systems. They can range from simple box units made from aluminum to ruggedized, highly durable enclosures built with weather-resistant alloys. Enclosures can be standardized to a specific range of electrical setups or they can be specialized to a fit a uniquely designed electrical unit.

For all types of electrical enclosures fitting all types of electrical systems, stud welding is an extremely useful method of construction for several reasons:


  1. Stud welding creates a clean weld without a mark on the surface opposite to the weld
  2. Using high-quality studs and welding tools creates a strong weld connection
  3. Certain stud types can be fabricated for controlled conduction of electricity
  4. Welds can be created on the interior of an electrical enclosure for a clean, mark-free exterior
  5. Stud weld connections bind greater areas of a surface than other types of welding
  6. Enclosures made with stud welding can be fabricated with a wide range of materials
  7. Stud welding offers a rapid build process without sacrificing quality


For any size or shape of electrical enclosure, stud welding is a great choice for a clean, seamless, finished look. To learn more about the capabilities of stud welding beyond manufacturing high-quality electrical enclosures, contact Northland Fastening Systems at (651) 730-7770 or request a quote online.