Installing Climate Control Technology and Other Uses of Construction Welding

Stud welding is used in many aspects of the building construction processes, from structural steel fabrication and sheet metal building to the installation of insulators, HVAC systems, and other types of climate control technology. If you live in a home built later than the 1950s, it’s likely that stud welding was used in some portion of its construction. Not only is stud welding used in installing insulation, fire protection, ducting, and other climate control building materials; it’s also used to integrate sound proofing in many areas of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. If you’re building with stud welding operations, Northland Fastening Systems has the tools and supplies you need to get the job done correctly and economically. We provide a complete range of drawn arc and CD (capacitor discharge) studs, tools for rent or purchase, welding accessories, and the advice of our expert technicians. NFS also provides quick, long-lasting repairs and services for customers working with all kinds of construction welding for stud installation.

Construction Welding

Though drawn arc stud welding and most CD construction welding operations use studs with diameters wider than 4-40 (0.112 base diameter), some CD welding applications are used to install thin pins through insulative materials. This CD pin installation technology allows technicians to quickly attach insulation in multiple construction scenarios with strong connection points.

CD Pins

Some forms of insulation that are installed with CD pins include:

  • Building insulation sheets that cover the interior of walls, flooring, and roofs to keep indoor temperatures at comfortable levels without excessive energy expenditure
  • Heat and cold insulation protectors around heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ducting
  • Insulating containers around air conditioning units
  • Industrial heat exchangers used in many manufacturing industries
  • Cooling systems for factories
  • Climate-controlled storage warehouses and refrigerated or frozen shipping containers
  • Coolrooms in industrial settings, storage, or transportation providers
  • Fireproofing for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, including spark-proofing in electrical enclosures, heat-proof plating in machinery, and more
  • Heavy-duty heat proofing and fire protection in power plants, incinerators and industrial furnaces, forges, refineries, and industrial buildings processing chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Cabin, sound, fire, and HVAC insulation on freighters, military vessels, cruise ships, and other large ships

Sound Proofing

Sound proofing insulators are also installed with larger CD and drawn arc studs. Sound proofing is important in the entertainment industry for recording studios, live venues, and movie theaters. It’s also utilized in municipal construction for roads, bridges, building facades, plumbing, and major ductwork to control noise pollution.

Welding Studs

Whether you’re using CD pins, other CD studs, or drawn arc welding studs for construction welding, Northland Fastening Systems has the supplies you need. To learn more about our selection of stud welding tools, studs, and accessories, contact us at (651) 730-7770, or request a quote online to get started with us today.