Breaking Down the Technical Numbers of Welding Studs

At Northland Fastening Systems (NFS), we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive supply of welding studs, stud welding tools, and our own expertise and services. We understand that stud welding is used for an incredibly wide range of fabrication purposes, and each application requires a specific set of tools and studs to accurately complete the job. Because of this, we offer studs meeting all your needs for dimension, material, length, threading, and more. NFS also provides custom stud specifications and works directly with our customers to supply the studs they need. When it comes to welding studs and welding tools, NFS is your one-stop-shop for the services you need.


The range of different welding studs is broad and it can be difficult to choose the exact specifications you need. To make things more complicated, the technical numbers of welding studs are hard to unpack. Those who have worked in the stud welding industry have a better understanding of stud part numbers, but for others less familiar, a breakdown of this information can be useful.


The part number of any kind of stud follows the same general sequence that will give you the key to the majority of studs you may encounter. Using a sizing of this drawn arc welding stud as an example, you can see how the NFS version of that sequence operates:


The part number is: ARC MS FT 006 07


ARC: This indicates that the stud is designed for use in drawn arc stud welding

MS: This tells you the part is made from mild steel

FT: This indicates the stud is fully-threaded.

006: This refers to the threading, which in this case is ¼-20

07: This indicates the stud length, which in this case is 1⅛”


Understanding the system of part numbers is important, but understanding the sizing numbers themselves is also key.


Thread Sizes: The numerical sizing of threads is based on a diameter and per-inch system. In the case of the listed drawn arc welding stud, the ¼-20 means there are 20 threads per inch on a ¼” nominal diameter. The distance between each thread is the reciprocal of the thread-per-inch, so for this stud, the distance between threads is 1/20 of an inch.


Lengths: Thread lengths are a simpler system. The stud length is 1⅛ inches. This length is listed as before it is welded. Because the stud diameter in this case is less than ½”, the length will be about ⅛” shorter after the weld. For studs with diameter of ⅝” to ⅞” the post-weld length will be about 3/16” shorter, and 1” diameters and above will have a post-weld length that is about ¼” shorter.


The flexibility of sizing for welding studs is a broad one, but NFS can help you determine exactly what you need. To learn more about welding stud sizes and our services, contact us at (651) 730-7770 or request a quote online today.