Determining Weld Strength for Drawn Arc Stud Welding

Many forms of welding have been used for centuries to build strong, long-lasting parts and countless buildings and other structures. Included in these forms of welding are the various types of stud welding, all of which provide one of the strongest connection points of any weld type. In fact, both capacitor discharge (CD) and drawn arc stud welding form a bond that is stronger than either the weld stud or the base material.


Because of the strength of these connections, stud welding is an operation that is key to many manufacturing industries. No matter what industry you work in, Northland Fastening Systems has the tools, supplies, and services you need for both drawn arc stud welding and CD stud welding.


We are committed to providing a comprehensive range of welding studs in multiple standard dimensions as well as custom made-to-order studs. In addition, we offer welding tools for rent and purchase and our own expert services.


When it comes to drawn arc stud welding in particular, determining the required stud specifications is critical for a strong, lasting weld that can hold the weight or other stresses it will bear. Typically, drawn arc stud weld points are used in heavier construction projects and require precise performance in the field. This performance depends on the strength of the weld point, which in turn depends on weld fusion and weld penetration.


Weld Fusion

Simply put, weld fusion is the point where the metal of the stud connects to the metal of the surface. This fusion is a chemical connection generated by the heat of the welding arc rendering both stud and surface metal and joining those points with an atomic bonding process. In order to have a strong, reliable weld point, the spread of the fusion must be as far up the stud, as deep into the surface, and wide enough in diameter to create the necessary connection.


Generating the correct level of fusion without using unneeded energy or compromising the stud requires a highly specific combination of time, power, and force. For the majority of drawn arc stud welding operations, these combinations are predetermined by industry engineers specializing in stud welding physics. These specifications can be applied to different welding projects within a varying range that gives the welder the information needed to apply the correct level of weld fusion and create a strong weld connection.


NFS welding technicians can help you determine the specifications you need to apply precise, high-quality drawn arc stud welding operations to your project. To learn more about weld connection points, our stud welding services, and the welding studs we provide, contact Northland Fastening Systems at (651) 730-7770 today or request a quote online. Learn more about welding fusion here.