Benefits of CD Stud Welding

Capacitor discharge (CD) welding has been on the market for decades now, and is undeniably an industry staple. However, longevity isn’t enough to cement a welding technique into the annals of history. What makes CD stud welding so popular so many years after its debut? Northland Fastening System (NFS) provides the welding tools and accessories you need to keep the tradition of CD stud welding going, but we also encourage individuals new to professional welding to familiarize themselves with the benefits of this industry powerhouse.

Smaller Size and Easy Handling

CD stud welding is a low-voltage process that doesn’t need a lot of heavy tooling to make it work. In fact, it’s one of the more portable and easy-to-use welding techniques out there. But low voltage doesn’t mean “low power.” While welding might appear more niche than other professional welding techniques, it still gets the job done. All professional welding techniques require adequate training, but for new professional welders, CD stud welding is an excellent entry point.

CD Stud Welding Is Fast and Efficient

Along with being relatively simple and portable, welding is also fast— since the bond occurs so rapidly, it’s easy to complete a lot of welds on a short timeline. Whether you have a lot of welds to complete or a short timeline to work with, welding can complete a bond in an instant and have you moving on to your next project.

Well Suited for Thin and Delicate Materials

That low voltage and size also comes with the benefit of not overloading thin materials. Whereas more intense professional welding methods can warp, distort, or bend thin surfaces,  welding is the perfect solution for less hardy base compositions.

Sometimes a welding method stays in an industry simply because it’s been around, but we keep CD welding around because it works. Everything you need for the tried-and-true CD stud welding option is available at NFS. If you need accessories, power supplies, or any other materials to support your professional welding needs, call (651) 730-7770 or visit our website here today.