Benefits of Copper Plated Studs for CD Stud Welding

Copper is a unique metal in many ways, from its rich coloring and conductivity to its resistance to corrosion, despite a quick oxidizing of the outer layer. Exposed to tarnishing conditions, the warm orange-brown of copper eventually becomes the green patina many sculptors and builders desire. In addition to its range of cosmetic uses, copper is also highly useful for many industrial and otherwise practical applications.

Because of its electrical conductivity, copper wiring and other components are frequently used in electronic applications, but it’s also used extensively for specific manufacturing purposes. For example, Northland Fastening Systems uses copper plating for many studs used in high-quality CD stud welding and offers copper plated studs for sale ranging in length, diameter, and threading.

CD stud welding is a highly effective manufacturing process for clean, strong, rapidly-made connection points between the stud and the base surface. Not only is CD stud welding well-suited to fabricating food service equipment, electrical enclosures, construction welding, and much more, it’s also widespread in shipbuilding, automotive manufacturing, and countless other types of large-scale construction. Copper plated studs are frequently beneficial for use in these stud welding operations for several reasons, including:

  • copper’s conductivity provides a clean, highly rapid weld as a plated surface
  • its overall resistance to corrosion in comparison with non-plated steel studs
  • its improved electrical conduction for specific applications
  • its ability to slow or prevent alloyed elements from migrating
  • in some applications, copper plating improves solderability
  • it extends the dimensional tolerance of the stud
  • copper plating can improve the service life of any given weld and stud itself


Copper plating for our CD studs is standard, including studs made from aluminum, mild steel, and brass. Both flanged and non-flanged studs benefit from copper plating in dimensions ranging from:

  • 2-56 to ⅜-16 stud diameter
  • .125 to .437 flange diameter
  • .250 to .500 minimum stud length
  • ⅝ to 2-½ full stud length
  • 4-40 to ⅜ – 16 threading


CD stud welding is an excellent operation for such a wide range of applications that it’s become a constant for many contract manufacturers and construction crews as well as a useful tool for stud welding specialists. Copper plating opens an even wider range for stud welding, and at NFS you get the best of both worlds. In addition to CD stud welding tools for rent and purchase, we offer a comprehensive variety of studs for CD welding, drawn arc welding studs, drawn arc tools, and automation equipment.


To learn more about CD stud welding and copper plated studs, contact Northland Fastening Systems at (651) 730-7770 today or request a quote online.