Installing Insulation Sheeting Using Welding Studs

The use of various forms of insulation is extremely prevalent across industries. Not only is insulation used to control temperatures inside buildings and protect pipes from freezing in cold winter months, it’s also used extensively in many other applications. This includes everything from thermal power stations to electrical systems, mechanical systems, climate-controlled warehousing, fireproofing, automobiles, planes, spacecraft, protection against corrosion, and more.


Because the most effective installation method for the majority of insulations is stud welding, insulation and construction are key industries Northland Fastening System serves. We provide all the welding studs, welding units, stud welding guns, and accessories you need to complete your project.


Using CD stud welding processes to install insulation is the most effective method of attachment. The process of stud welding creates a connection point with no reverse side marking and stronger than the stud and base material itself. It also streamlines and speeds up the installation process, providing a rapid, short cycle install of insulation or fireproof sheeting.


How it works: Insulation sheeting can be installed with CD stud welding using pins that can be inserted through the insulating material and welded to the base material in a short cycle process. The tip of the pin is welded to the base material while cupped or flat heads hold down the insulation material. This welding process is a one-step system that allows quick and effective insulation sheeting attachment to base metal materials.


Applications: CD welding installation of insulation sheeting can be applied in any situation where the base material is a weldable metal such as steel, aluminum, or brass. This includes insulation for HVAC ducts, pipes, buildings, incinerators, equipment exposed to fire, plane cabins, spacecrafts, water towers, warehouses, and much more. Steel structures can be insulated against corrosion and temperatures up to 1,250º C (2,282º F) using stud welding in the installation process.


Benefits: In all applications of stud welding, there are many operational benefits. The process improves efficiency and cuts costs because it can be performed quickly with low energy use. Studs also create clean, strong bonds with conservative use of materials and long-term effectiveness. Installing insulation with stud welding streamlines the process, forms a lasting bond, and is visually clean and professional.


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If you need to install insulation or fire-resistant sheeting, stud welding is the way to go. To learn more about applications of stud welding or to get started on your project with the best welding studs, tools, and accessories, contact Northland Fastening Systems today at (651) 730-7770 or request a quote online.