Arc Studs

When you need arc studs for your welding project, count on Northland Fastening Systems to give you the most dependable products in the industry.

Use a Headed Anchor Stud for Your Industrial Project

Headed stud anchors are used in heavy-duty concrete embedments, which makes them a fantastic anchor for your industrial needs.

Since stud welding first revolutionized the shipbuilding industry, the technique has been used for all kinds of construction projects and is extremely versatile. Today, it is used to create everything from automobile bodies, ships, and electrical panels to bridges and other structures.

Rely on Our Welding Stock

Our quality fasteners are made to conform to all AWS specifications. Whether you need arc studs for an industrial or commercial project, we want you to have the most trusted fasteners available. Our stock is competitively priced and the best solution to your construction or sheet metal fabrication needs. We offer a variety of materials, diameters, and threads so you can find the perfect fit for your project.

Choose Northland Fastening Systems

Our consultation services, rentals, equipment, fasteners, and training are just a phone call away. For an estimate or to learn more about our stock, call us today at 651-730-7770 or fill out our inquiry form.

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