The History and Role of the American Welding Society for Fastening Systems

While the origin of forge welding can be traced all the way back to the Bronze Age, the history of welding with electrical current only dates back to the early twentieth century. The first resistance welding technology was used extensively in manufacturing military equipment and vehicles for World War I. To establish the importance of the resistance welding industry even after the war ended, former President Wilson appointed Comfort A. Adams, an electrical engineering professor at Harvard College, as chair of the new Welding Committee of the Emergency Fleet Corp. Since then, the committee combined with the National Welding Council to become today’s American Welding Society (AWS). As a provider of stud welding supplies, including tools for rent or purchase, studs in a complete range of dimensions, and welding accessories, Northland Fastening Systems (NFS) follows the standards that the AWS sets for the industry.

High-Quality Stud Welding Equipment

NFS is a comprehensive supplier of high-quality stud welding equipment, and our selection of tools, studs, and accessories, along with our services, meet international standards for operations. In addition to our own standards for quality, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and all our other customers follow AWS regulations, and many hold specific AWS certifications.

Since its establishment in 1919, the AWS has been pivotal in advancing and expanding national fastening systems and welding industries in many ways.

A Brief History

After the Welding Committee of the Emergency Fleet Corp and the National Welding Council combined to create the AWS in 1919, the society brought together industry leaders. In its first year of operations, the AWS increased to 217 members and introduced the Journal of the American Welding Society. Although this journal only published one issue, it preceded today’s Welding Journal. The AWS also moved into its new headquarters at the Engineering Societies Building in New York City.

In 1922, the AWS held its first annual meeting, and by then, had established sections in eight major cities. For the next 49 years, the AWS headquartered in New York City, but in 1971, moved to Miami, FL, and then in 2012, moved again to its current location in Doral, FL.

Role of the AWS

In addition to the monthly publication of the Welding Journal, the AWS also offers multiple certification programs, including endorsement certificates, testing facilities accreditation, and fabricator certifications. Certifications include specific programs for welding inspectors, educators, radiographic interpreters, engineers, welders, sales representatives, robotic arc welding, and supervisors.

The AWS also has a membership program and publishes specifications and codes for the industry. Membership is available for individuals, welders, corporations, and students. Currently, the AWS has 250 international sections and student chapters.

As a member of the welding industry, NFS values the history and current global role of the AWS. To learn more about our stud welding equipment, products, and services, contact us by calling (507) 387-7200 or online.