Ideal Stud Welding Machine for Low Power Access

Stud welding operations are used today in many applications, on and off job sites. Because of the range in locales that stud welding is performed, there are a variety of different machines that meet portability, electrical specificity, weld capacity, and material needs. While facilities can house fully automated stud welding systems that churn out hundreds of precise welds per minute, welding technicians in the field rely on their expertise and their specialized tools to get the job done. If you’re working with stud welding in any capacity, Northland Fastening Systems (NFS) offers a complete range of welding tools for rent or purchase, studs for drawn arc, capacitor discharge (CD), and short cycle welding, and welding accessories. While we offer equipment that can be integrated into an automated production line, we also have machines for off-site welding jobs when portability and easy setup is most important. Our HBS VISAR 650, for example, is an excellent stud welding machine for times when technicians only have access to low power electrical sources.

Stud Welding Machine

The VISAR 650 is a small, efficient machine for drawn arc welding with ceramic ferrules. It can handle mild and stainless steel studs. It has a welding current maximum of 650 A and a minimum of 100 A. Because it can perform these welding with only 100-240 V, single-phase power sources, it’s an ideal stud welding machine for working on multiple job sites that have the electrical setups of typical residential and commercial properties. The primary plug of the VISAR 650 is also a standard electrical two-prong grounded safety plug that fits universally into outlets.


For stud welding on projects in the field, the VISAR 650 has two main benefits for technicians working on different job sites:

  1. The VISAR 650 is simple. It’s a tool that’s easy to learn, quick to set up, and simple to carry from site to site. Its intuitive operation makes it the perfect tool for welders that are trained in many different construction technologies or for welders who only use stud welding processes for specific building requirements. It also has a quick storage system for tidying the tool cable built into the machine handle.
  2. The VISAR 650 is also robust. It has a fully enclosed housing with no air vents, giving it a rating of IP44. An IP44 rating keeps the machine from exposure to solid particulates bigger than 1mm in diameter, and water or other liquids splashing from all directions. This means it has rigorous protection from work site dust, in addition to dirt and inclement weather. The enclosed housing, or casing, is also an effective protection from accidental bumps that frequently occur as tools, building materials, and workers move through an active site. The VISAR 650 has a solid base and side panels that raise the bulk of the machine from the resting surface.

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