Food Grade Welding Has Steep Standards

Precision is the name of the game when it comes to sanitary welding. Every single bond needs to take the potential for contamination into account, and that means smooth, ridgeless surfaces, and clean connections with zero room for error. Northland Fastening Systems (NFS) provides high-quality, precise tools that allow welders to create safe and long-lasting food-grade welding products. With our expertise, we can help support new welders looking into reaching the incredibly steep standards that sanitary welding demands.

Food Grade Welding

Working with food grade welding means that you’re holding lives in your hand with every weld. Whether the products you’re manufacturing are going into school stoves, biopharmaceutical tools, or surgical instruments, you have to be able to guarantee quality and cleanliness every time. Any error in the weld could lead to a buildup of bacteria or other byproducts that could, in turn, result in injury or illness. In order to prevent this error from happening, your job as a sanitary welder is to stay on top of potential failure points throughout the food-grade welding process.

Installation of Piping in Sanitary Welding

A common application of food grade welding is the installation of piping. Piping represents the perfect sample size of everything you’ll need to master throughout the sanitary-welding process. Preventing burrs, ensuring smooth steel bonds, and implementing regular checks to prevent irregularities are all part of the complete piping package. A steady hand will only do so much. The secret of meeting sanitary-welding standards is checking, double-checking, and even triple-checking your work from piping and beyond.

Checks in Food Grade Welding

Comprehensive checks in welding start at the top of the process and must continue deliberately until the final bond is in place. Verifying weld parameters such as speed, equipment condition, and voltage should be done intentionally before any formal welds are completed. Even with decades of experience, triple-checking for potential faults is too important to overlook when manufacturing sanitary parts or machines.

If you’re looking for high-precision welding tools that you can trust to live up to food-grade welding’s rigid requirements, look no farther than NFS. Our welding equipment is reliable and accessible to welders of all levels. The road to high-quality sanitary welding may be steep, but with the right gear on your side you, can be prepared to start the climb today. Call at (651) 730-7770 or visit our website for more information on how we can support your welding journey.