Building Stainless Steel Furniture with Food Grade Welding

One of the reasons why stud welding is such a prolific manufacturing operation is its versatility. Stud welding can be used to form powerful fastening systems for a variety of materials, including composite construction for bridges and other important infrastructure. Composite construction combines concrete and steel into a strong material that can resist enormous amounts of shear force, weight, and tension. Without the shear connectors and deformed bar anchors used in composite construction, we wouldn’t have the roads, bridges, multi-story buildings, and other large-scale structures that are key components of our modern world. The use of stud welding in composite construction is just the tip of the iceberg. Stud fastening systems are utilized across industries for anything from sheet metal construction to sanitary fabrication with food grade welding. No matter what industry you work in, you can find all you need for tools, supplies, and support with Northland Fastening Systems. NFS provides quality stud welding tools for rent or purchase, drawn arc, CD, and short cycle weld studs in a complete range of dimensions, custom stud options, welding accessories, and a repair program.

Food grade Welding

Stainless steel is a primary material used in food grade welding for many reasons, but, as a unique set of metal alloys, it can also be used for many other purposes when it comes to building furniture. Using stainless steel to construct various types of furniture with stud welding has many benefits. From aesthetics to practical purposes, manufacturers, artists, designers, and furniture companies build with stainless steel and stud welding to take advantage of their properties.


For food service equipment, commercial and residential kitchen appliances, and other instances where good sanitation and hygiene are critical, stainless steel is a remarkable material. Because stainless steel has antiseptic properties and is highly cleanable, it pairs well with the smooth, crevice-free results that stud welding can achieve to build sanitary furniture and food grade equipment.


Stainless steel also has corrosion resistant properties. The chromium content in stainless-steel alloys creates a passive film on the material’s surface. The presence of oxygen allows this film to self-heal when abrasions, cuts, and other damage occur. This means furniture made with stainless steel and stud welding operations can withstand corrosive environments and last longer than other metals.


With its sanitary and anti-rust properties, stainless steel is already a practical material for building furniture of all kinds. Its durability, strength, and flexibility only add to its value as a furniture building material. Compared to many other materials used to build furniture, stainless steel is one of the strongest and most practical.


For design purposes, stainless steel offers a great range of finishes, from the lustrous sheen of a polished, bare surface to the vibrancy and color ranges that annealing, plating, and other finishing treatments can yield.

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