Faster, Stronger, and Better Looking: The Benefits of CD Studs for Food Grade Welding

The food industry is a fast-paced field that’s required to meet the strictest standards for health, sanitation, storage, and production. Whether you work in the restaurant business, food packaging, a grocery store, or otherwise, you face daily challenges that are helped along by reliable, long-lasting equipment.

The last thing anyone working in the food industry needs is for that equipment to fail, leaving them with one more critical problem to solve. That’s why Northland Fastening Systems provides high-quality food grade welding using non-flanged stainless-steel CD studs to fabricate reliable equipment that looks great for long-term use.

CD studs are the best method of industrial stud welding for equipment utilized in the food industry. Not only is CD stud welding a faster and more cost-effective process, it also creates a product with spic-and-span lines and a clean finish. Northland Fastening Systems specializes in a range of stud welding operations, and our CD stud welding capabilities are perfect for food grade equipment.

Because of the nature of CD stud welding, our welding technicians are able to connect components of food grade equipment without needing the flux, oxidation, and time that typical welding requires. This means we can perform food grade welding for components faster and without heat concentration, which in turn allows us to weld smaller and thinner components without leaving unsightly marks behind.

CD stud welding is effective in welding components as small as 14 gauge to as large as  ⅜“ diameter with a strong connection. With this method, we’re able to create food grade equipment with benefits including:


  1. Smooth connection points and lines that offer an easy clean and eliminate pits, cracks, or divots that could catch and hold onto dirt and food products.
  2. Faster welding time so our customers save time, money, and stress in ordering and receiving equipment.
  3. Strong equipment with long-lasting materials that won’t rust or stain over time.
  4. Components that can be easily repaired with additional CD stud welding if they experience severe stresses leading to a break.


Food grade equipment made with CD stud welding is the most relied-upon equipment in all areas of the industry. Even the most delicate stainless-steel kitchen equipment is made strong and durable against the stresses of daily use with the help of CD stud welding.

For high-quality, cost-effective CD stud welding for your food grade equipment, look no further than Northland Fastening Systems. Contact us at (651) 730-7770 for industry-leading food grade welding and other stud welding capabilities or to get started on a project today with Northland Fastening Systems’ expert welding technicians.