Safer Cars with Automotive Stud Weld Fastening Systems

Like so many other construction industries, the automotive production world utilizes stud welding extensively to manufacture components that are used in almost every type of vehicle today. Stud welding is a very versatile manufacturing operation that is applicable in a broad range of fastening systems.


At Northland Fastening Systems, we understand the widespread use of stud welding in many industries, and we provide an equally broad selection of stud welding supplies. With NFS, you have access to a comprehensive range of stud dimensions, stud welding tools for rent or purchase, and stud welding accessories, as well as our own technicians’ advice and expertise in stud welding as a fastening system.


When it comes to the automotive industry, stud welding is used in multiple production stages. One large part of all automotive production is the support of all the safety measures that get built into a vehicle. Stud welding is used in many of the safety aspects of a vehicle, including the following:


  • Airbags: Today, many vehicles have airbags installed in multiple sections of a vehicle, and every new vehicle made has at least one airbag on the driver’s side. The installation of these airbags would be impossible without the capabilities of stud welding. Using stud welding, automotive manufacturers can install airbags in safe ways that are reliable in the long term.


  • Power Steering: In addition to airbags, power steering system installation relies on stud welding. Power steering systems are a relatively new part of the everyday vehicle, but anyone who has driven a classic car knows how much easier power steering makes daily driving.


  • Exhaust Systems: Unless you drive an electric car, your vehicle emits dangerous carbon monoxide and other gasses through the exhaust system. To prevent the passengers and driver from being exposed to these fumes, specialized exhaust systems are needed. The fabrication and installation of these exhaust systems with stud welding operations is another key factor in the level of vehicle safety.


  • Insulation: In any vehicle, there is an extensive amount of wiring and heat sources. Protecting the rest of the vehicle from exposure to electrical current or high heat requires the inclusion of insulation in various parts of the automotive interior. This insulation is commonly built or installed with stud welding and composite stud weld construction.


  • Heat Shields: Another major component of safety in a vehicle is heat shields. To protect car components from a combustion engine and electrical heat, advanced heat shields are required. These automotive heat shields are assemblies that use stud welding in the fabrication and installation process.


Overall, stud welding is an important part of the automotive manufacturing process. To learn more about stud welding as a fastening system and the industries it’s used in, contact Northland Fastening Systems at (651) 730-7770 or request a quote online.