Stud Welding Equipment Rentals and Repairs

Any stud welding technician working in the field knows that a malfunctioning or damaged welding tool can put a solid stop to any operations and significantly increase the time it takes to get a job done. At Northland Fastening Systems, we’re here to support welders on the job with equipment repairs and stud welding tools for rent or purchase. In addition to tool support we have welding studs available in a broad range of dimensions with options for custom sizes, and welding accessories like cable connectors and ferrule plates.


If you’re welding in the field, in your facilities, or any other job site and experience a sudden tool failure, our technicians offer rapid repair services and tools for rent to keep production going while your tools are being fixed. From repairs to supplies, NFS is here for all your stud welding equipment needs.



NFS provides maintenance and repairs for a broad range of industry-standard stud welding equipment. This includes brands like HBS, Tru-Weld, Cutlass, ProWeld, AGM, Nelson, ERICO, NOVA, MFI, and Tension Control Tools. We have over 30 years of experience in the stud welding industry and in providing repairs for these brands and more. In addition to our expertise, customers can rest assured the price will be reasonable. No one should have to compromise quality repairs for a cost-effective solution. Our service technicians provide excellent repair work at a fair price.



While we work to repair your stud welding equipment, you can take advantage of the many tools we have available for rent to keep production running. Our rental options meet a broad range of welding needs including automated welding, CD welding, drawn arc welding, and short cycle welding. We also provide options for any electrical setups our customers might be working with, taking into account the specifications for phase, voltage, and other weld calibrations.


When you rent stud welding equipment through NFS, you will also have the full support of our technicians, including advice and instructions on using a tool you may be less familiar with. We rent tools at daily, weekly, or monthly rates so you can get the best deal for your timeline. Whether you need a stud welding tool for a temporary job or a replacement while your tool is in the shop, we have the stud welding equipment that will meet any of your requirements.


A broken tool and the subsequent downtime while it’s being repaired can extend production timelines significantly, costing you more time and money. Don’t wait to get the job done. Bring your stud welding equipment to NFS for repairs and find the perfect rental to keep production going at your job site. Contact Northland Fastening Systems at (651) 730-7770 today or request a quote online to get started with our team.