Understanding the Uses of Different Drawn Arc Welding Studs

Drawn arc welding uses an arcing electrical current to develop enough heat at the weld point to render the two materials being connected molten, allowing them to meld together into one metal result. Unlike adhesive fastening systems, welding creates a bond that combines the two connecting materials at the weld point, making a joint that is stronger than either of the materials by themselves.


With the help of Northland Fastening Systems, you can find all the drawn arc supplies you need for your stud welding projects, including tools for rent or purchase, welding studs, welding accessories, and the expert services of our own technicians.


When it comes to drawn arc welding studs, there are several varieties within the category. Depending on the job you need to accomplish, you may choose one type of stud over another in the dimensions you need. NFS offers all types of drawn arc welding studs in many dimensions and specialty sizing on request.


Drawn Arc Stud Types


  • Threaded: Drawn arc welding studs can be fully or partially threaded with varying thread counts. These threaded studs are used to connect other components to the surface you weld the stud to, like a nut and bolt system. They allow the fastening of another component without having to weld it onto the stud or drilling into the surface component.
  • Non-Threaded: Many drawn arc studs are left unthreaded for specific applications. These are used to create handles, pegs, stops, locators, and other protruding components.
  • Shear Connectors: These heavy-duty welding studs are used in composite construction. They are key in attaching two different materials, such as metal and concrete. Shear connectors and headed bar anchors are critical for bridge building, construction of buildings, and other large-scale fabrication.
  • Bar Anchors: These larger welding studs are also used in composite construction. They are typically used to support bearing plates in concrete-to-steel connections. Additionally, bar anchors are used in beam construction and can have a steel-plated tip.


Drawn arc welding studs are made from stainless steel and low carbon or mild steel. Our threaded studs are available in many imperial and metric thread pitches and range in lengths from 1/2” to 36”. Our shear connectors are offered in diameters from ¾”, ⅞”, and 1”. They can be provided in lengths from 2” to 18”.  Our headed anchor studs are available in ¼”, 3/8”, ½” and ⅝” with lengths from 1” to 18”.  Deformed Bar anchors are offered in 3/8”, ½”, ⅝”, ¾”, and 7/8” diameters with lengths from 8” to 60”, depending on the chosen dimensions.


If you’re using drawn arc stud welding as your fastening system, NFS can provide the welding studs you need to get the job done. To learn more about the supplies and services we offer, contact Northland Fastening Systems today at (651) 730-7770, or request a quote online to get started.