Tagging, Name Plating, Insulating, and Other Small Diameter CD Stud Welding

Different types of stud welding operations each have its own range of applications in a broad scope of industries. Not only has drawn arc stud welding been used for shipbuilding since the early 1900s, it’s also used today for automotive production, bridge and other infrastructure construction, multi-story buildings, construction equipment, and many other manufacturing industries. CD stud welding has its own wealth of uses, from food grade equipment fabrication to the installation of insulation materials. No matter what type of stud welding you’re working with, you can find the supplies and support you need with Northland Fastening Systems (NFS).  NFS provides a comprehensive selection of studs, welding tools for rent or purchase, welding accessories, and even repair services for most welding models. Our team of expert technicians also offers guidance and support for any of your welding questions.

CD Stud Welding Operations

While many drawn arc and CD stud welding operations are used in heavy-duty to mid-size construction, there are also valuable small-scale applications that use studs and pins with diameters under ¼” wide.

Uses of CD Stud Welding

Some of the most prevalently used small-scale CD welding solutions include insulation, name plates, and other labeling systems.

  • Insulation pins: NFS offers 1″-long, 10-gauge diameter standard CD insulation weld pins made from mild steel. These pins are highly useful in quickly and effectively attaching insulation in a broad range of construction scenarios. Insulation for pipes, building interiors, HVAC ducts, industrial equipment, incinerators, and many other locations can be installed using CD welded insulation pins.
  • Name plate studs: Another CD welding application is the installation of name plates with breakaway studs. These studs are tipped with small domed pins that break away from the part inserted into the weld gun. Name plates on equipment that show models, serial numbers, and many other specifications are almost exclusively installed with these welding studs. They are also used in installing small signs and even for decorative purposes.
  • Tag welding: Not to be confused with TAG (Tungsten Active Gas) welding, tag welding is an effective labeling system for steel part inventories. Tags can be quickly installed on a bare steel part, such as beams, rebar, and billets, with a connecting CD stud. Tagging materials with CD studs can easily provide clear labels that won’t get lost or break off. The installation process takes seconds and is a cost-effective organization solution.


These three types of small-diameter CD stud welding are key to many production and construction operations. They offer a strong fastening system with quick, reliable operations. For more information about welding pins and studs, or any other supplies we stock, contact NFS at (651) 730-7770. You can also request a quote online to get started with us today.