International Standards for the Stud Welding Process

All manufacturing industries follow a set of international standards outlined through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in addition to various requirements and certifications unique within any given industry. Overall, there are more than 18,500 ISO standards and around 1,000 new published annually. Despite the vast number of ISO certifications, some industries are relatively specific enough to only require a few ISOs to follow the continually updated editions.


When it comes to stud welding, ISO 13918 standards cover the majority of common arc procedures including drawn arc, CD, and short cycle stud welding. For all these types of the stud welding process, Northland Fastening Systems provides a comprehensive range of supplies meeting ISO 13918 standards. Our supplies for the stud welding process include welding studs in various dimensions with custom options available, welding tools for rent or purchase, stud welding accessories, and the expertise of our own staff of stud welding technicians.


One current standard for the stud welding industry is ISO 13918:2017. In addition to stud welding, this ISO can be generally applied in most metal working fields, but those working with the stud welding process will find the specifics most useful to their production floor.


ISO 13918:2008 covers requirements for arc welding studs, dimensions, materials, and mechanics, including:


  • unthreaded studs
  • partially-threaded studs
  • fully-threaded studs
  • virtually fully-threaded studs
  • flanged and threaded studs
  • threaded and reduced shaft studs
  • internally-threaded studs
  • insulation fasteners
  • shear connectors
  • welding pins
  • the use of ceramic ferrules


The standards and mechanical guidelines that ISO 13918 provides offer in-depth information that not only helps welders improve the stud welding process and fabricate better quality products, but also helps manufacturers better understand the application of stud welding in their own industries and play a role in supporting the continued growth of universal standards.


As a supplier for hardware and tools used in a range of stud welding processes, we follow our own set of ISO standards at Northland Fastening Systems. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified as an industrial supplier. While ISO 9001 is a relatively generic set of standards, following those requirements helps us maintain best practices and support our customers with quality products and advice. By following ISO 9001 standards, we continue to show our capabilities in providing the stud welding industry with necessary products that meet regulations, and we work as a customer-focused company that aims to improve consumer satisfaction while adhering to internationally-accepted requirements. NFS uses the regulations that ISO 9001 provides as a quality management system to continue offering our customers the best products and services for drawn arc, CD, and short cycle welding.


To learn more about the products we provide for the stud welding process and ISO certifications, contact Northland Fastening Systems at (651) 730-7770. Request a quote online to get started with us today.