Quality Stud Welder Highlight: MFI Sureshot for CD Stud Welding

Northland Fastening Systems is a global provider of high-quality stud welding supplies including stud welding tools for rent or purchase, a comprehensive range of welding studs, welding accessories, and the expertise of our own stud welding technicians.


In addition to a broad range of threaded and non-threaded studs for drawn arc and CD stud welding, insulation fasteners, CD pins, bar anchors, shear connectors, and anchor studs available in multiple materials and dimensions, we also have options for custom stud specifications. Our selection of tools available for rent or purchase also has a broad range of options. For those on a permanent production floor, we have multiple fully-automated fastening systems, but we also have lightweight, portable tools for welders in the field, as well as everything in between. This welding tool highlight covers a popular unit for rapid CD stud welding with relatively smaller studs that form powerful connections with a welding surface.


Thanks to its compact carrying case and weighing a total of only 18 lbs., the MFI Sureshot is ideal for welders working on a jobsite where multiple locations require welding operations. Easily portable, the MFI Sureshot allows welders to perform quick CD stud welding operations that are clean with little spatter and no marks on the opposite side of the weld surface.


MFI Sureshot Specifications


  1. Electrical: The MFI Sureshot operates with 110/220 VAC, 15/7.5 Amp, and 50/60Hz incoming and 35-160 VDC, 3,000-9,000 A, and direct current outgoing, with 100,000 uF capacitance.
  2. Welding range: This CD stud welding unit has a pin and stud range of 14 gauge through a 5/16” diameter at the weld base. The welding operation is effective with mild and stainless steels as well as aluminum. It operates quickly for a small unit with 24 welds per minute in the highest voltage. Each charge between welds is less than 3 seconds.
  3. Operation details: The MFI Sureshot unit features three indicator lights and a resettable breaker with additional safety shutdowns. The system is continually cooled with a thermal fan, and the 7-segment digital display offers welders direct control with ease.
  4. Welding gun: The welding gun weighs only 1.6 lbs. for long-term use without exhaustion. The gun is made from high strength, impact resistance polycarbonate. Gun dimensions are 4 ⅞” L x 2” W x 5 ¾” H.
  5. Cables: The MFI Sureshot comes with a standard set of #4 grounding cables and gun cables. The grounding cable reaches up to 15 ft and the weld cables reach up to 20 ft from the gun, allowing welders a broad range of motion around obstacles in the field.


The MFI Sureshot is one of many welding tools we have in our collection. To find out more about this CD stud welding tool and many others, contact Northland Fastening Systems at (651) 730-7770. Request a quote online to get started with us today.