Meeting NEMA Standards for Electrical Enclosures with Quality Drawn Arc Stud Welding

Over the last 200 years, humanity has discovered hundreds of ways to utilize a steady flow of electrical energy. Today, these applications make up an enormous range of hardware, software, and other tools for extensive varieties of circumstances. To successfully use electricity, the development of other highly specific tools was necessary. One example of a common tool used to accommodate the needs of many electronic systems is an electrical enclosure. These enclosures are suited for countless applications of electrical energy, and they can be built in many different ways. At Northland Fastening Systems, we’ve found the most efficient, reliable, and highest quality ways to build electrical enclosures is with arc stud welding.


NFS offers stud welding services, stud welder rentals, and stud welding accessories suited for a comprehensive range of stud welding operations. Since 1987, we’ve provided stud welding services for several industries, including building electrical enclosures. Using drawn arc stud welding, you can quickly build a reliable electrical cabinet with a pristine exterior and solid structural integrity.


Electrical enclosures serve as a housing system for circuit boards, electrical equipment, switches, screens and other displays, gauges, dials, and many other features necessary for an electronic system to function. In addition to housing and supporting these components, electrical enclosures also protect a system from surges, corrosion, and exposure to other elements.


With NFS high-quality drawn arc stud welding supplies, you’re able to build electrical enclosures meeting a wide range of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standards. NEMA enclosure standards outline requirements for more than twenty enclosure types. Some of the most common enclosures include:


  • Type 1: General purpose enclosures protect against dust, light and UV radiation, and some splashing. These cabinets are suited for indoor use for a wide range of common electrical systems.
  • Type 2: These electrical enclosures are similar to Type 1 cabinets but are suited for additional protection against dripping and heavier humidity.
  • Type 3: Designed for weather resistance in average conditions, these enclosures protect against rain, wind-blown debris, sleet, snow, falling dirt, and even ice.
  • Type 4: Electrical enclosures falling into this category are watertight and resistant to corrosion. They are often used outdoors, offshore, and in other locations that are frequently exposed to moisture.
  • Type 5: These cabinets are designed to prevent dust from permeating the exterior. They are critical for components used in mills and factories.
  • Type 6: While Type 4 electrical enclosures are watertight, they can’t match the water resistance of a Type 6 submersible cabinet. Submersion in water or oil for extended periods of time without damage is possible with a Type 6 enclosure.


Meeting NEMA standards for all electrical enclosures is possible when using the manufacturing capabilities offered with drawn arc stud welding. For a clean, quickly, and reliably made electrical enclosure, NFS is your one-stop-shop for tool rentals, welding services, and stud accessories. Contact us at (651) 730-7770 or request a quote for more information.