Quality Stud Welder Highlight: ACE-P100

At Northland Fastening Systems (NFS), we offer a broad range of stud-welding tools for rent or purchase, welding studs in comprehensive dimensions, custom stud options, stud-welding accessories, and the expertise of our own stud-welding technicians. For drawn arc, short cycle, and capacitor discharge (CD) stud-welding operations, it’s critical to get the stud welder and welding equipment that will not only fit the operation, but also fit your work schedule, portability, and on-site power needs. When it comes to choosing the right stud welder that will meet your production needs and be calibrated to worksite electrical sources, NFS experts are here to help. We can work with you to determine exactly what your production needs are and which stud-welding tool would be the best option for you to rent or purchase.


For hand-held, non-automated stud welding, there are a wide variety of tools that could be useful in your arsenal. If you’re working with CD stud welding operations, one highly effective, reliable tool is the TRUWELD ACE-P100 stud welder model. The ACE-P100 is a hand-held CD stud welder that incorporates state-of-the-art technologies into a compact unit that is both rugged and portable. With a new user interface and system design, the ACE-P100 can weld CD pins in sizes up to 10 gauge and CD studs with dimensions up to #10 with more efficiency and speed than ever before.


Specifications: The ACE-P100 is 12.5″ x 10.1″ x 6.0″, making it a lightweight yet powerful piece of portable equipment. It can weld up to 15-30 pins per minute, and it uses a universal power input of 85-250 VAC at 50/60 hertz. The recharge time between pin welds is less than one second, and it has built in thermal/voltage protections. The gun tip is engaged with contact and a hand trigger.


Features: The most recent updates to the ACE-P100 features include its intuitive touchscreen, set-point discharge, universal input voltage, contact and trigger indicators, thermal and voltage protection, and low-input voltage capabilities that allow continued operations with long extension cords. These features all make the ACE-P100 more portable, easier to operate, and more readily adaptable to a range of worksite power capabilities. Along with its new features, the ACE-P100 design still includes an increased airflow for better weld cycles, tough interior construction that holds up to rough handling and transport, a rugged grade exterior casing that protects the interior from on-site contaminants, an ergonomic hand tool that reduces operator fatigue, added internal spring for adjusting the spring pressure in the hand tool, and the ability to swap the hand tool from standard tapered chuck configuration to B, CI, or Euro collet configurations.


The ACE-P100 is one of many high-quality stud-welder tools available for rent or purchase at NFS. Contact Northland Fastening Systems at (651) 730-7770 or request a quote online to learn more about the stud welding products we supply.