Automated Production Stud Welding Machine Rundown

When used correctly, stud welding is a highly efficient, powerful, and flexible operation in any application. From handheld, portable welders for operating on multiple job sites to fully automated production welders integrated into a facility, stud welding creates long-lasting connection points in many conditions, and it’s a critical component in most steel and concrete composite constructions. At Northland Fastening Systems (NFS), we support all kinds of drawn arc, short cycle, and capacitor discharge stud welding operations with a complete range of supplies. Not only do we provide welding studs in a broad range of dimensions with custom sizing options available, we also have tools for rent or purchase, and a variety of welding accessories. In addition to a quality selection of portable and handheld welding tools, we also provide effective solutions for automated production stud welding machines.

Production Welders

Production welders are computer numerical control (CNC) automation systems that have a range of structures. Some welders have single-head, hand-loaded welders, while others are fully automated, multi-headed welding systems. Any automated stud welding machine can be integrated into a facility to streamline the production line, increase output, and improve precision.

Stud Welding Machine

If you’re ready to integrate new automated welding systems into your production floor, you can choose from several options, for example:

  • PAH-1: This handheld stud welding gun is automatically fed studs for a rapid-fire range. The PAH-1 is best suited for contact, gap, or short cycle welding on thin sheets at least 0.5 mm in thickness. This lightweight gun is ergonomic and adjustable with convertible stud lengths. For fast, electronically-controlled welding on thin materials, this is an ideal automation choice.
  • PC-S: The PC-S (Production Center Standard) performs all types of stud welding with manual or automatic stud feeding. Its handling systems are customized to your needs, and it has a short setup time. The PC-S is controlled with a microprocessor for extreme precision, and its protected work plate holds up to wear and tear. For versatility and accuracy, the PC-S is a great investment.
  • CPW 0604: This CNC production welder uses tip ignition, drawn arc, and short cycle welding systems and shielding gas modules for a broad range of fully automated applications. It saves costs and time, and it’s one of our most user-friendly tools. The setup for CPW 0604 welding is quick and easy, and the work system’s precision has long-term reliability. For exact welding applications with shielding gas in a controlled environment, the CPW 0604 CNC tool is a quality selection.
  • MPW 1010/2010: For full bench automation and CNC multi axis production, the MPW 1010/2010 is a high-powered, heavy-duty tool. In addition to most variants of stud welding, it also performs simple CNC milling. This bench tool is one of our most high-powered, fully automated systems with programmable sequences and control of all welding details.

To learn more about our other options for an automated stud welding machine, contact NFS at (651) 730-7770 or request a quote online.