Selecting Stud Welding Products to Suit Every Job

Stud welders are powerful tools in projects that benefit from high-speed precision, also known as most welding projects. But choosing a stud welder that is best suited to your needs requires some careful consideration At Northland Fastening Systems (NFS), we offer stud welding products suited for capacitor discharge (CD), ARC, and automatic welding needs. Understanding the applications and benefits of each will help you pick the right stud welder every time.

Stud Welding Products

CD stud welders work by storing energy that is then discharged onto the surface of the weld materials, fusing them. Mild steel, stainless steel, and other metals such as brass and copper are all well suited to this type of tool. They also do not require any gas and work well on thinly gauged metals. But if your project isn’t well suited to CD stud welding products, other tools may be a better choice.

ARC Stud Welding Products

ARC stud welders, for instance, have wide application in the world of welding. When people hear about stud welders on large industrial projects, they often picture ARC welding tools. While both have a wide range of applicability, ARC welding is better suited for thicker materials. Named for the “arc” that occurs when the fastener is lifted into place above the molten metal, this process is especially popular in rough, large builds that don’t necessarily require aesthetic finesse.

And if you’re in need of modern automation for your project, automatic stud welders may be the ones you’re looking for. These products use computer numeric control (CNC) machining to control your welds and are an excellent option for repetitive and highly precise welding needs.


From manual stud welding products to automated, NFS can work with you to determine which tools you need on your belt this coming season. Project managers and welding professionals can contact us today at (651) 730-7770 or visit our website for more information on our stud welding products. NFS has welding solutions for every project and a team that is eager to work with you in order to fulfill your project to and beyond specifications.