Stud Welding Project – Why Weld Tests Matter

Brand-new equipment, a clean environment, space to work, and a highly experienced welder all working in conjunction may seem as though will result in a perfect weld every time. But regardless whether all of the conditions are ideal for a clean, strong bond, weld tests are still a vital part of the stud-welding process. Northland Fastening Systems (NFS) encourages all welders, professionals and freelancers alike, to never underestimate the power of a comprehensive weld test.

Visual Stud Welding Test

Completing a visual weld test might seem straightforward enough—you’re looking for anything that seems strange. This could come in the form of spatter, stringers, undercutting, or anything that disrupts the clean line of a good stud weld. But a visual test can be twofold.

Though safety and strength are the obvious concerns, you should also be checking for visual weld consistency and aesthetics. This is especially true for stud-elding builds in which the joints may be visible to the clients. If your weld tests look sloppy and this carries on to the final product, it will reflect upon the entire quality of the build. Lay people might see sloppy work and think they’re dealing with a structure that didn’t receive adequate care or attention during the building process.

Structural Weld Tests

 Structural weld tests are the hands-on accompaniment of your visual checks. Your weld should be able to withstand a 30-degree bend test without cracking or becoming deformed. Additional tests that verify tensile strength and torque resistance become even more necessary if the materials in question are unique or nonapproved.

Regardless of the type of weld test you’re engaging with, the goal is always to replicate the conditions you’ll be working with during the live build as accurately as possible to eliminate the risk of unexpected stud-weld failures.

If you’re finding that your stud-welding equipment or strategies aren’t passing the pre-project weld tests, it might be time to update your gear. Independent and team welders in need of new equipment can reach out to NFS at (651) 730-7770 or by visiting our website. Don’t accept subpar welds, and never skimp on the weld tests before hitting the “big leagues.”