Heavy-Duty Construction Equipment Built with Arc Stud Welding

Stud welding is used to build ships, infrastructure, commercial, residential, and industrial buildings, electrical equipment, food production equipment, and much more. Another industry where drawn arc and capacitor discharge stud welding operations are used extensively is vehicle manufacturing. Personal cars, commercial vehicles, and many types of industrial vehicles are all built with stud welding at multiple points on production lines. No matter what type of vehicle or other equipment you’re manufacturing, Northland Fastening Systems has the tools, studs, accessories, and any other equipment you may need. We also offer a repair and service program for most tool models and the advice of our own expert technicians. Both capacitor discharge (CD) and drawn arc stud welding operations have their use in vehicle production, and we offer a comprehensive range of supplies for both.

Arc Stud Welding

Heavy-duty vehicles for the construction industry in particular utilize arc stud welding more prevalently than any other stud operation. Drawn arc studs have larger dimensions, use stronger materials, and are, overall, more powerful than the lightweight applications of CD welding. For the high-stress loads that construction equipment and vehicles handle, drawn arc fastening systems are ideal.

Main Categories

Some main categories of heavy-duty construction vehicles that are built with drawn arc welding operations include:


There are many kinds of excavators built with stud welding connections. For the construction industry, excavator vehicles are critical. Trenchers, dredgers, power shovels, reclaimers, dragline excavators, long-reach excavators, and even mini excavators like backhoes and front loaders all have stud-welded connection points on multiple areas of their bodies, booms, housing, and other components.


Similar to excavators, construction loaders are key in the removal of demolition debris, earth, and other building materials. Generally, loaders are smaller vehicles than excavators, built with stud welding to move materials quickly between construction sites and secondary removal systems.


For infrastructure purposes, paving vehicles are very important systems. They build roads, expressways, parking lots, driveways, and even bridges. Some pavers that are made with arc studs include asphalt layers and pavers, compactors, rollers, milling and planing equipment, curing rigs, and more.


Lifting, reaching, moving, and controlling heavy materials in various ways is done with construction handlers. These vehicles range in format, but some common types include cranes, forklifts, truck-mounted boom loaders, cherry pickers, lifts, and straddle carriers.


Trucks are ubiquitous in the construction world, from pickups to dump trucks. All modern trucks of any size are built with drawn arc stud fastening systems, and many also use CD fasteners in computer systems and other electronics.

While there are many high-powered, earth-moving vehicles used in the construction industry, these are just a few of the industrial tools built with arc stud welding operations. To learn more about stud welding for construction equipment, contact Northland Fastening Systems today at (651) 730-7770 or request a quote online