The Key to Performing Excellence in Arc and CD Stud Welding with High-Quality Steel Weld Studs

Welding of all kinds is one of the most innovative modern technological developments for metal working. Today, even within the welding field, capabilities and equipment have expanded in leaps and bounds with advanced services in automated welding, capacitor discharge (CD) welding, and much more. At Northland Fastening Systems, we specialize in stud welding operations including providing state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality steel weld studs for drawn arc stud welding and CD stud welding.


When it comes to stud welding of any kind, it’s impossible to form a strong connection without the best quality steel weld studs. Northland Fastening Systems supplies the best quality steel weld studs made from only the highest quality materials for all your stud welding needs. Our products range from flanged and non-flanged CD studs to virtually all specifications of drawn arc studs.


We’re committed to providing as wide a variety as possible for studs and offer special sizing on request because of the highly exacting sizing specifications and performance demands all of our customers’ projects require.


Each project may demand very precise applications and types of welding studs – making it a complicated and nuanced process to apply stud welding to any product – but this demand is for good reason. Each welding procedure itself is different, but all are effective and innovative in their own way. For example, there are many differences between CD stud welding and drawn arc stud welding, but both are effective and beneficial when applied to the right project.


Drawn Arc Stud Welding


The stud is welded onto a work plate using an arcing current and a ceramic ferrule flux, forcing the stud to join with the plate.


Drawn arc stud welding is utilized to weld studs with larger diameters than CD stud welding. For studs up to 1¼” in diameter, drawn arc stud welding is an efficient way to fasten studs to heavier bases resulting in a stronger, more durable connection than CD stud welding. Drawn arc welding also benefits from its use of ceramic arc shields that maintain the weld and a direct current allowing for the use of 220 to 440 volt power sources during the welding process.


CD Stud Welding


The stud is welded onto the work plate with downforce and a capacitor discharge heating the plate to molten metal. The weld bond is formed after the metal cools.


CD stud welding is a highly efficient way to perform rapid welding operations for thin studs and sheet metal materials. It can be used for studs up to ⅜ diameter for up to 20 welds per minute, making it the fastest stud welding procedure. Additionally, CD stud welding leaves a cleaner weld with no marking on the opposite side of the work plate and it can be used to weld different metals. CD stud welding only requires 110 volt power sources.

See the Difference Steel Weld Studs Make for Yourself

No matter the stud welding operation you need to perform to complete your project, high-quality aluminum, mild steel, and stainless-steel weld studs will make all the difference in the final product. To learn more about our equipment, studs, and services, contact Northland Fastening Systems today at (651) 730-7770 or request a quote online.