A Step by Step Understanding of Drawn Arc Stud Welding and Its Benefits

When it comes to manufacturing products that demand high-quality fast welding operations, stud welding is the best option for a wide range of sizes and materials. While CD stud welding is great  for connecting thin components quickly and with little marking on the weld-opposite part side, drawn arc stud welding is a key process for many different types of weld-based manufacturing. Northland Fastening Systems specializes in providing stud welding services for a variety of industries and stud welding supplies and tools for CD stud welding and drawn arc stud welding alike.


From construction equipment manufacturing to structural steel fabrication and more, Northland Fastening Systems provides the comprehensive stud welding services and supplies our customers need to build high-quality, long-lasting products using both CD and drawn arc operations.


At Northland Fastening Systems, we use drawn arc stud welding to perform rapid, precise welds for durable connections on studs ranging from .125” in diameter to 1.25” diameter. While thickness, length, and thread variants may be different from project to project, the drawn arc stud welding process remains consistent between jobs.


Drawn arc stud welding involves a number of steps and apparatus, structured as the following:


While drawn arc stud welding is a relatively simple process on paper, it would not be possible to perform this operation without advanced welding equipment and studs made from high-quality materials. Not only does Northland Fastening Systems provide specialty stud welding services using state-of-the-art welders, control units, and studs, we also provide rental and sale of the very same HBS, Tru-Weld, and Midwest Fasteners quality equipment we use ourselves. In addition to this, we also supply a wide variety of CD studs, CD weld pins, and drawn arc studs suitable for virtually any stud welding project.


To learn more about the quality products and services we provide, or for more information about the processes and applications of CD stud welding and drawn arc stud welding contact Northland Fastening Systems at (651) 730-7770 today.