Making Intermodal and Specialty Freight Containers with Food Grade Welding

To support global demand for food products from pantry staples to specialty and exotic goods, the food grade transport and storage industry is a highly evolved system. Advanced storage systems for transportation, short-term holding, and long-term climate-controlled storage are utilized for all kinds of food products and other perishables, such as pharmaceuticals. Containers for the food industry play a huge role in the transportation and storage of goods, and because of this, highly specialized containers have been developed over the years. Shipping and storing containers made from steel, aluminum, and other metals are frequently manufactured using stud welding operations. If you are fabricating intermodal freight units and other containers for the food industry, you can find everything you need for food grade stud welding processes at Northland Fastening Systems (NFS). We provide stud welding tools for rent or purchase, welding studs in a comprehensive range of dimensions, customizable options for studs, and stud welding accessories as well as the expertise of our own welding technicians.


There have been many designs for food grade shipping and storage containers over the years, but intermodal freight containers helped to standardize sizing and structure to enable better bulk transit and storing. Intermodal freight containers as large as 40 feet long are a commonly used storage option for many goods, including packaged food products. Using food grade stud welding to build these units helps manufacturers meet food safety standards, including Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations.


In addition to standardized intermodal units, there have been many specialty containers fabricated using food grade stud welding as a key to food safety. Containers for food grade liquids such as oils, dairy products, and others are repeatedly exposed directly to the food goods. Because of this exposure, it’s critical that these containers can be completely sanitized regularly and protected from corrosion. Any compromise of the container will damage food products and pose health issues.


Food grade stud welding is a solution for many manufacturers producing food storage and transport containers. Not only does food grade stud welding create a smooth, mark-free surface without craggy areas that can collect bacteria, it is also an operation that can use antibacterial metals like stainless steel. Containers made with stud welding are easily sanitized between uses, and the metals used will hold up to strong chemical disinfectants. Weld points and materials used will also withstand exposure to acidic or alkaline food products without harming the composition, flavor, or integrity of the goods.


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