Stud Welder Highlights: Using the HBS Quick-Boy for High-Quality Automatic Welding

Stud welding is a critical operation for a wide range of construction and manufacturing projects, big and small. Not only does stud welding offer a rapid connection point even stronger than the stud itself, it also creates a clean, one-sided weld that allows manufacturers to build cosmetically-appealing components without sacrificing durability or reliability. In addition to the quality of construction stud welding operations give manufacturers, there are many different types of stud welders that are built for automating and streamlining the welding process. At Northland Fastening Systems, we have several automatic welding tools available for purchase or rental so you can complete your stud welding project with the speed, ease, and durability you need.


At NFS, we have a broad range of quality automatic stud welding equipment well-suited to a variety of drawn arc stud welding and capacitor discharge stud welding operations. From stud welding guns and units to automation accessories, NFS has everything you need to expand your limits beyond standard manual stud welding.


One of the significant concerns of automatic welding is the issue of movement. While automatic stud welders are highly efficient when they perform welding operations within their range of motion, you can quickly lose efficiency when you have to move a welding gun from position to position manually. That’s why the HBS Quick-Boy is a great addition to any stud welding tool kit.

Quick-Boy at a Glance

The HBS Quick-Boy is a stud gun holder and positioning device that acts like the human arm that would be used in manual stud welding. It’s generally suited to the PAH-1 automatic welding gun, but it can also be used for manual stud welding with C 08 and CA 08 guns. Not only does the Quick-Boy eliminate the issue of constant repositioning, it also gives a wide range of motion on three axes so you can move your welding gun to any point along the Quick-Boy’s range of height, breadth, and depth. The Quick-Boy is lightweight and easily attaches to the workspace, offers smooth and clean movements, and has a built-in seating for the weld gun that reduces scrape rates while you weld with tip ignition.


If you work with an automatic or manual stud welding gun over broad areas, the HBS Quick-Boy is the tool for you. It will help you work longer without tiring, reduce risks of back or shoulder pain from overuse, and let you work more quickly and efficiently.


Request a quote for the Quick-Boy or any of our other stud welding equipment and services today, or contact Northland Fastening Systems at (651) 730-7770 to learn more about our automatic welding and manual stud welding expertise and products.