Stud Welding Cables in Your Welding Gear Arsenal

Just about every welding project going on today is carried on the back of high-quality cables. Cables that run across job sites, up several stories, down into the recesses of new builds, and beyond. The best welder in the world can’t do much without heat, and stud welding cables are the key that transfers all that power into your workspace. At Northland Fastening Systems (NFS), we provide stud welding cables that get the job done.

Protecting Your Stud Welding Cables

 Just like any other vital piece of welding gear in your toolbox, taking proper care of your cables can make or break your welding experience. Stud welding cables should be housed somewhere safe when not in use and checked carefully for faults, cuts, or tangles prior to and after being rolled out. Welders also need to verify that they’re using the correct gauge and ampacity for the job at hand, and that the output matches the cable’s intended capacity. Irregularities such as power failures or surges can be tied to a damaged cable, and can also be a major safety hazard.

Protecting Yourself

 Cables don’t just magically end up where they need to go of their own volition, so it is vital that you place cables carefully and manage how they’re situated across your job site. Stud welding cables should be placed in such a way that they aren’t impeding walkways or could be at risk for damage in the middle of active welding. Despite their unassuming appearance, cables are a type of welding gear like any other. That means they should be treated as potentially dangerous and handled professionally to prevent unnecessary risk to welders and other workers.

Cables carry a lot of weight in the world of welding, and unexpected cable failure can be a major inconvenience while on the job. NFS provides replacement stud welding cables for rent or purchase and for jobs of any size. If you need some new welding gear, or are looking for repairs for your current kit, our experts are here to help. Reach out at (651) 730-7770 or visit our website to see our cable options and beyond.