Best Portable Stud Welding Equipment for Job Site Work

Stud welding has many applications in the construction industry. From composite building and thru-decking to insulation fasteners, drawn arc and capacitor discharge (CD) stud welding have critical roles in the construction of residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal projects. Because stud welding is so relied on in the construction industry, most welders are operating on an active job site. For job site welding, technicians need reliable, portable, and high-powered stud welding equipment they can trust on an active work site. If you’re in need of a quality stud welder for construction site welding, Northland Fastening Systems (NFS) can help. We supply a broad range of portable welding models for drawn arc, short cycle, and CD stud welding. Our tools are available for purchase or rent, and we also have a complete selection of welding studs, accessories, more.

Portable Equipment

The most effective features of portable stud welding equipment are weight, mobility, and ease of setup without compromise of quick, powerful welds. Portable welders should have the same capabilities of in-house welders and be able to fasten a stud with a connection point stronger than the stud and surface material together.

Stud Welding Equipment 

While many of our stud welders are suitable to welding in the field, our best job site welders for a variety of welding operations include:

  • HBS IT 2002: The HBS IT 2002 is a drawn arc welding unit capable of fastening studs with diameters up to 1″. It can fasten an average of 7 studs per minute depending on stud diameter, and it welds with a current of 2,000 A at maximum. For a full size unit, it’s on the lighter side with a weight of 210 lbs. This model comes with a temperature-controlled fan and wheels for ease of mobility. It is one of our easiest heavy-duty portable models to operate making even day-of training possible for workers.
  • MFI Sureshot: For portable CD welding operations, the MFI Sureshot is an ideal model. It can install studs and pins up to 14 gauge at a rate of 24 welds per minute. It also has a temperature-controlled fan for cooling and weighs only 18 lbs. The indicator lights, safety shutdowns, and seven-segment digital display make it an easy unit to learn and use.
  • TRUWELD ACE-P100: The ACE-P100 is a super lightweight pin welder for CD studs and pins. It has less than one second of recharge time so rapid welding of insulation fasteners and other pins can be achieved. It can handle welding pins up to 10 gauge in diameter, and it features a user-friendly touch screen with preset values. This welding unit also only weighs 10 lbs, so it can easily be moved between areas on a jobsite.

For job site drawn arc, short cycle, and capacitor discharge welding, these three models are excellent choices that will perform as reliable workhorses for any project. To learn more about our supply of portable models and other stud welding equipment, contact NFS at (651) 730-7770 or request a quote online.