Highlighting Our Video Resources for Stud Welding Equipment

Northland Fastening Systems provides a complete supply of stud welding equipment to the construction and industrial markets, including tools for rent or purchase, studs in a wide range of dimensions, custom stud options, welding accessories, maintenance and repairs, and the expert advice of our own welding technicians.

Stud Welding Equipment

To provide some technical support and highlight tools and operations, we produce a variety of stud welding equipment media content. This includes the following videos that can be found on the NFS YouTube channel:

Stud gun check:

This video demonstrates checking a standard type of welding gun to determine if cleaning or other services are required. If you do require tool maintenance, take advantage of our services for most stud welding gun models.

Studs welded on top of each other:

This video showcases shooting 3/4” x 6 and 3/16” studs onto a weld surface and then welding an additional stud directly on top of the first, both using drawn arc welding systems.

CD stud welding quality:

This video shows the inspection of a CD welding unit, cable set, and weld results for quality control. Visual and mechanical diagnostics are done to show the strength of the weld.

CDi 502 demo:

This video demonstrates using a CDi welding unit, including covering the strength, pressure, sizing, time, release, and cost.

KARE11 commercial:

In 2019, NFS was featured in a North American Banking Company commercial. The commercial highlights NFS as a family-owned, long-standing business offering services and supplies to a global industry.

Automation stud welding:

This video demonstrates the versatility of the automation tool QUICK BOY and the rapid operations it allows.

NFS Stud Welding Automation:

This stylized video shows the power and speed our automated systems can provide on a production line.

HBS Visar 650 with 150’ of cable:

This video shows that the HBS VISAR 650 can be used effectively with cable lengths upwards of 150 feet on a fabrication site.

HBS VISAR 650 highlight:

This video further demonstrates the specifications, features, and operation of the VISAR 650 drawn arc welding unit.

Headed anchor stud welding:

This video shows an example of how headed bar anchors can be attached quickly with strong results.

Automated CD stud welding:

  • This video demonstrates the speed and precision of an automated CD machine with a VBZ-3 stud feeder.

Stud welding nameplate studs:

This video shows an example of a break-off nameplate stud and how those specialty studs are attached easily and quickly with CD welders.

Weld thrudeck stud welding:

This video shows an operator performing thru-decking fastening of studs with a drawn arc tool.

NFS CD stud welding:

This video demonstrates CD stud welding with a chuck and collet system using an HBS CDi 1502 unit.

For more information about the content shown in these videos, our team, or about our stud welding equipment, contact Northland Fastening Systems at (651) 730-7770, or request a quote online to get started with us today.