Suitable Materials for Welding and Finding What You Need with NFS Stud Welding Supplies

Metalwork is one of the most important methods of manufacturing for a wide range of construction and production industries. As a part of metalworking as a whole, stud welding has its own place of import in many types of fabrication. From metal equipment manufacturing of all kinds to large-scale construction, stud welding is utilized in the fabrication of many shapes and sizes. If you are working on a project that requires the use of stud welding for clean, quality building, Northland Fastening Systems (NFS) is your one-stop shop for quality stud welding equipment, including tools for rent and purchase, studs fitting all size, thread, and material needs, and stud welding accessories. As a leading industry provider of stud welding supplies locally and globally, NFS has what you need for any project, no matter how complex.


While the material used in welding is most often a steel composite, there is a wide variety of additional alloys that are effective for many welding circumstances. From aluminum to copper, stud welding can be performed with several different quality materials.


Stud Welding Metals


  1. Stainless steel: One of the most commonly used stud materials, stainless steel offers a greater resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel studs are also highly durable and can take many finishing and treatment applications, such as annealing or plating. Both drawn arc and CD stud welding studs can be made from stainless steel.
  2. Mild steel: Also suitable for both drawn arc and CD stud welding, studs made from mild steel alloys are available with a range of properties. Alloys can be made for greater heat resistance, strength, durability, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, flexibility, and more.
  3. Aluminum: Aluminum studs are useful when welding to aluminum bases. NFS offers studs made from aluminum alloys for CD stud welding with options for three different alloy compositions. These alloys vary in properties and provide different fits for different projects.
  4. Brass: CD stud welding can also utilize brass studs. These lead-free brass studs can be welded to a similar brass alloy base or to a lead-free copper alloy base.
  5. Copper: While not typically used as a material for the stud alone, copper can be key when used to plate a CD welding stud. NFS offers copper plating as a standard option for low-carbon steel studs to improve thermal and electrical conductivity from stud to surface.


No matter what project you need stud welding to complete, NFS has the stud welding supplies compatible with your welding tools and the base materials you need to weld. Specifications for materials, length, diameter, threading, flanging, plating, annealing, and more are all available to customize your order to the perfect fit for your fabrication requirements.


To learn more about the materials and other stud specifications we offer, or to learn about the stud welding tools, welding guns, accessories, and other stud welding supplies Northland Fastening Systems provides, contact us at (651) 730-7770. You can also request a quote online to get started working with us today.